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Suze Orman says you can avoid 5 common mistakes people make in a stock market crisis


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Ukrainian director’s war documentary debuts at Cannes

STORY: Based on a book of the same name by WG Sebald, “The Natural History of Destruction” uses archival footage to examine the Allied bombing of Germany in World War Two. “The film shows what happened to the cities in Germany, in Great Britain, in Europe during the second world war. We are now witnessing the same mechanism, the same way of waging war. And it means that those lessons that had to be learned after the Second World War have never actually been learned,” Loznitsa, who lives in Lithuania, told Reuters in an interview. Russia is heading into the fourth month of its invasion of Ukraine, which it calls a “special operation”. The fighting has killed thousands, uprooted millions and reduced Ukrainian cities to rubble. Still, Loznitsa continued to defend his opposition to boycotting Russian filmmakers, a stance that has led to his expulsion from the Ukrainian Film Academy. On Monday, he called the academy’s decision “regrettable”, but insisted it was “a matter of my conscience and of my job” that he continued to express his view.

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