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From MarketWatch:

Withdrawing from your 401(k) or IRA in a down market? What you need to know: Some retirees may not have a choice in withdrawing from their retirement plans this year if they face required minimum distributions… so what’s the best way to go about that? 

Actress Melissa Gilbert, now 58, on aging, budgeting and living in a little house in the country: The “Little House on the Prairie” star talks about her life and new home in her book “Back to the Prairie.” 

Saving enough money for retirement is a big job, but you don’t have to go it alone: The idea of putting away enough money to last the rest of your life can feel daunting, but there are resources to maximize your savings potential. 

Also on MarketWatch:

Guess who’s buying stocks? 

This is the ‘secret sauce’ to retirement satisfaction 

The power in Black women’s wealth

‘What are the chances? I retire and the stock market crashes. All my plans are upside down.’ I want to draw on my 401(k) to renovate my new home. What options do I have? 

More people are turning to this housing idea for aging parents, but obstacles still exist in much of the country 

Why some boomers now regret downsizing 

One of the greatest lessons from NBC’s hit show ‘This Is Us’ 

More in retirement news:

Most Americans say $1.1 million they need to retire comfortably is out of reach (

How to create disposable income in retirement (GoBankingRates)

Crypto in retirement accounts? Are you kidding? (The Washington Post)

Stretch your dollar: Planning for retirement (WTNH)

Retirement income planning: Consumers want it, advisors want to learn more about it (401K Specialist)

Save for health care costs in retirement? Won’t Medicare take care of that (BenefitsPro)

States stepping up with private retirement savings plans (PlanSponsor)

Age-forced retirement violates one’s dignity, ethicist says (UW Medicine)

Research and Insight:

Working past the age of retirement linked to improved physical and mental health – depending on the job (PsyPost)

Savings rate fills out picture of workers retirement security (PEW)

Morgan Stanley at Work study finds plan advisors integral to retirement plan participation and outcomes (Morgan Stanley)

How group practices can prepare for partial retirement (Physician’s Weekly)

Americans say they need a finance class (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

10 rules for a happier retirement 

Forget pickleball and golf. These communities centered around farms or gardens are redefining retirement 

George Carlin on abortion, baby boomers and the American dream, and why his comedy is still so relevant today 

Save like mad for five years – retire with millions

‘If you wait for the right time to travel you may never do it’ – seniors take stock of risks as COVID cases rise

Here’s how apps can help whens someone dies 

Social Security antifraud program imposed steep fines on elderly, disabled and poor people: report 

I pay $2,164 a year in retirement account fees – should I leave one of the plans for an IRA instead? 

Bitcoin in 401(k) plans is a terrible idea 

The Wall Street Journal: TerraUSD crash led to vanished savings and shattered dreams

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