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Personal Finance Daily: Millions could lose health coverage if premium subsidies expire later this year and trans kids’ parents are draining their savings to flee conservative states


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Millions could lose health coverage if premium subsidies expire later this year, officials say

Without tax credits provided by the American Rescue Plan, many consumers’ costs for marketplace coverage would skyrocket Read More

Even bosses are burning out — almost 70% of C-suite executives ‘seriously considering quitting’ for their well-being

The Great Resignation is hitting the boardroom, survey finds Read More

‘Renters are facing sky-high prices’: Monthly rents soared again last month, but there’s hope for renters in 2022

The median rent for a studio to two-bedroom home in the 50 largest metropolitan areas just reached the highest point in’s history. Read More

A quarter of abortion clinics could close if Roe is overturned — but that may not inspire voters in the midterms

Voters said they’re more worried about the economy than abortion access, according to one recent survey. Read More

‘I’ll do anything to keep my family together’: Trans kids’ parents are draining their savings to flee conservative states

States like Alabama and Texas have moved to block transgender kids’ access to gender-affirming treatments, forcing families to weigh expensive relocations. Read More

‘The savings and income needed to qualify for a home loan have skyrocketed’: 5 ways the housing market left buyers in the dust — and it’s not over yet

A look at the frenzy that went on in the housing market, as chronicled in a new report by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. Read More

‘There’s no safe haven anywhere’: Crypto hackers are everywhere. Will the crypto crash make them even worse? One man tells how he fell victim.

People have lost over $1 billion to crypto scammers since 2021, regulators say. Read More

‘This hurricane season could be particularly severe for the U.S. Gulf Coast’: These cities have homes with the highest risk of storm damage

Homes in New York and Miami are likely to be most hit by hurricanes this season, according to CoreLogic. Read More

How you can find strength and allies to confront stereotypes, discrimination and microaggressions

If you’re ‘the only one’ at work, in a classroom or at an event, these tips will help you feel not so alone. Read More

5 cool things about the new 2023 Nissan Z

Nissan’s longest-running nameplate is back for 2023, and not only is it the cheapest way into the 400-horsepower club, but it’s also one of the smartest. Read More

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