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Personal Finance Daily: After EU agrees to ban most Russian oil imports, paying $5 gas may come sooner than you think and renters face bidding wars in the next phase of America’s competitive housing market


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All-Pro Von Miller Selling Custom Compound in Colorado for $4.1M

Two-time Super Bowl champ Von Miller is selling his Denver-area mansion for $4,125,000. Read More

When will you pay $5 gas? After EU agrees to ban most Russian oil imports, it may be sooner than you think

The near-complete oil import ban is another coordinated economic sanction against Russia for its Ukrainian invasion now grinding past three months. Read More

The next phase of America’s competitive housing market: Renters facing bidding wars

Rents are rising, housing is in short supply and tenants are going above the asking rental price to snag a desirable place to live. Read More

Big talk and big money: Texas con duped dozens into believing they were investing in events like a Rihanna tour and the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

Sean Johnson was sentenced to 10 years for swindling $1 million by posing as a deep-pocketed businessman, prosecutors said. Read More

This is the most expensive state to be a college student — plus tips from experts on how to save money

Finding the best financial and academic fit for prospective college students takes some research, financial planners say. Read More

Eight top plug-in hybrids for $40,000 or less

Plug-in hybrids offer the economy of zipping around town on electric, with the long-distance range of gas. Here are the best, and don’t forget to factor in tax credits. Read More

The stress caused by debt can do emotional and physical harm; how to get help

The stress of being in debt can cause physical symptoms like insomnia and stomach pain. It can also harm you emotionally and affect your relationships. Read More

What GM’s idea for an EV with two charging ports says about the car market

While car makers often file wacky-sounding patents, like a fragrance system that can also dispense tear gas, this one isn’t so weird. Read More

New laws and more affordable lenders could upend the payday loan market

Small loans from fintech companies have replaced payday loans, offering more affordable rates and longer terms that help lower consumers’ cost to borrow. Read More

Owning an EV is mostly cheaper over time than a gas car, study shows

Even with the higher sticker price, EV owners can save about $6,000 on average over the life of their car, in most states, one study found. Read More

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