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: On World Oceans Day, 7 tips to planning a guilt-free beach vacation and with home values up so high, how soon can a new homeowner get a HELOC? Is it a good idea?


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On World Oceans Day, 7 tips to planning a guilt-free beach vacation

Oceans give us 50% of our oxygen, and more than 3 billion people rely on the ocean for their livelihoods. Read More

My parents-in-law sold their home and bought an RV. They have $200K in the bank. How can they protect their assets from being used for nursing-home costs?

‘If my father-in-law has to go into a nursing home and his assets are surrendered for his care, his wife has no income.’ Read More

The 2022 Acura TLX is a luxury car with a driver’s edge

Don’t underestimate this car: It puts an emphasis on sportiness, but without forsaking the luxury aspect. Read More

With home values up so high, how soon can a new homeowner get a HELOC? Is it a good idea?

One way homeowners can tap into that increased value is by getting a home equity line of credit. Here’s when you should get one and when you should wait. Read More

‘Essential workers have labored heroically’: Pay gaps between CEOs and employees have widened, despite workers putting their health at risk during the pandemic

The average CEO pay rose by 31% to $10.6 million a year versus an increase of 17% to $23,968 for their workers, a new study says. Read More

Woman denied a colonoscopy by her doctor died of colon cancer at 39, friend says in viral Twitter thread

The conversation points to the need for early colorectal cancer screening, and the challenges many women face in dealing with the medical system Read More

‘Robbing Peter to pay Paul’: Apple is the latest company offering a buy-now-pay-later option. Here are 4 reasons you should think twice before signing up.

Apple follows companies including Affirm and Klarna into the BNPL space. But observers advise caution before jumping in. Read More

The share of Americans who think it’s a bad time to buy a home just reached ‘an all-time high,’ says Fannie Mae

The percentage of consumers who said it’s a good time to buy a home decreased to 17% in May, according to a Fannie Mae survey Read More

$30 million in missing gold bars, a couple on the lam from the FBI and a corgi nicknamed ‘Nugget’: the inside story of a precious metal Ponzi scheme

Ross Hansen and his girlfriend were convicted of stealing millions from thousands of elderly investors in an elaborate gold and silver fraud Read More

Welfare prevents crime and saves money in the long run: report

New study of children dropped from Social Security assistance at age 18 suggests many will turn to crime for income, costing taxpayers and the economy more. Read More

I put $200K toward a down payment for a condo unit with my boyfriend. He is on the title, but not on the mortgage. How do I protect my equity investment now?

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