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Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can be your cure for the stock market’s summertime blues


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How bear markets trick gullible investors

The majority of the biggest daily jumps occur during bear markets Read More

Inflation is making everything we buy more expensive, and once stagflation hits things could get even worse

As inflation outpaces the growth in wages, consumers find themselves poorer. Read More

Suze Orman says to do this right now if you’re worried about inflation

The rate of U.S. inflation reached a 40-year high of 8.6% in May Read More

Are you overreacting to the volatile stock market? Ask yourself these 4 questions.

Decide whether now is a good time to buy — or unload — investments. Read More

Cheer up, stock investors: U.S. consumers are feeling down about their money and inflation

Whenever consumer sentiment falls as low as it is now, stocks usually move higher. Read More

‘Never short a dull market’ is good advice when stock-trading volume takes a summer vacation

Traders worry that light trading volume will sink share prices, but volume alone isn’t a reliable predictor. Read More

Here’s the ‘defensive twist’ BlackRock recommends for ETF investors in a slowing economy

BlackRock’s recommendations for ETF investors in a slowing economy Read More

Even if stocks break out, the overwhelming trend is down

Internal indicators of the market have deteriorated. Read More

Oil prices have jumped. Yet these three energy ETFs remain a relative bargain. Can you cash in?

Energy ETFs are still priced very low compared to expected earnings, creating a cushion for investors. Read More

Energy stocks are this year’s best performers — but they’re not on the list of top investment newsletters

A new sector may soon replace energy at the top of the heap. Read More

Oil-stock trade is ‘too obvious,’ says this fund manager, who expects a pullback in prices

Matthew Tuttle said he would buy Occidental Petroleum on a dip. Read More

With global stock markets in turmoil, a healthy corporate culture counts more than ever. Here’s what to know.

A closer look at an undervalued way to judge a potential investment. Read More

I’m starting a position in biotech to catch the next trend in the stock market

We’ve gone through many revolutions in the past. This one seems ripe. Read More

As FB becomes META, here are 10 creative ticker symbols

For some companies, those letters are key to building a brand identity Read More

New ETF for World Oceans Day invests in curbing plastic and smarter fishing

The ocean creates 50% of the planet’s oxygen and is the main source of protein for a billion people. There’s a Newday Impact ETF meant to protect this resource. Read More

‘The tide has changed’: This investing veteran says hot inflation and a tight Fed call for a shift in strategy. He likes 3 specific areas for protection

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