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Kelley Blue Book: The cars, trucks and SUVs with the best resale value


When it comes to buying and selling a car, resale value is hugely important. A new car that loses its value faster than its rivals can cost you money in lower trade-in value or the possibility of owing more than what it may be worth in a long-term loan. That’s why choosing a vehicle with solid resale value can save you much more money in the long run. KBB’s annual Best Resale value Awards make it easier to find true long-term value.

The awards:

• 10 Best Overall Resale values of 2022

• 2022 Best Resale value SUVs

• 2022 Best Resale value Cars

• 2022 Best Resale value Trucks, EVs, Minivan

• 2022 Best Resale value Brands

10 best overall resale values of 2022

Kelley Blue Book’s annual Best Resale value Awards recognizes the 10 individual vehicles that are projected to retain the highest percentage of their original MSRP. This list represents the best of the best, and the threshold for this honor is high.

These vehicles retain their value better than 95% of all other models. While the average new vehicle will be worth about 40% of its original sticker price after 60 months, these 10 vehicles will return an average of more than 59% to their owners’ pockets. For a $35,000 vehicle that works out to a meaningful difference of about $6,650 over a 5-year buy-own-sell ownership cycle. That’s why choosing a car with good resale value can often save you more money in the long run than chasing big rebates and other incentives. Here is KBB’s list of the 10 best overall resale values of 2022.

Best resale value top 10 for 2022



5-year resale value


2022 Toyota




2022 GMC Sierra



2022 Toyota Tacoma



2022 Ford

Maverick (tie)



2022 Chevrolet Corvette (tie)



2022 Toyota 4Runner



2022 Tesla

Model X



2022 Ford F-Series



2022 Ford Ranger



2022 Jeep Gladiator


2022 best resale value: SUVs

2022 Subaru Crosstrek

The Subaru Crosstrek


Resale value: 52.3%
Type: Subcompact SUV
Starting price: $22,645

2022 Subaru Forester

Resale value: 47.2%
Type: Compact SUV
Starting price: $25,395

2022 Subaru Outback

Resale value: 45.2%
Type: 2-Row Midsize SUV
Starting price: $27,145

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2022 Kia Telluride

The Kia Telluride


Resale value: 51.9%
Type: 3-Row Midsize SUV
Starting price: $33,090

2022 GMC Yukon

Resale value: 47.2%
Type: Full-Size SUV
Starting price: $52,100

2022 Toyota 4Runner

Resale value: 58.6%
Type: Off-Road SUV
Starting price: $37,605

2022 Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40


Resale value: 39.0%
Type: Subcompact Luxury SUV
Starting price: $35,100

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLB

Resale value: 41.1%
Type: Compact Luxury SUV
Starting price: $38,600

2022 Range Rover Velar

Resale value: 36.0%
Type: 2-Row Midsize Luxury SUV
Starting price: $58,300

2022 Lincoln Aviator

Resale value: 41.5%
Type: 3-Row Midsize Luxury SUV
Starting price: $51,780

2022 Lexus LX

Resale value: 45.2%
Type: Full-Size Luxury SUV
Starting price: $88,245

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2022 best resale value: cars

2022 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic


Resale value: 49.8%
Type: Compact Car
Starting price: $22,350

2022 Honda Accord

Resale value: 42.5%
Type: Midsize Car
Starting price: $26,120

2022 Chevrolet Corvette

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06


Resale value: 59.5%
Type: Sports Car
Starting price: $60,900

2022 Lexus IS

Resale value: 39.0%
Type: Entry-Level Luxury Car
Starting price: $39,850

2022 Lexus LS

Resale value: 35.0%
Type: Luxury Car
Starting price: $77,075

2022 best resale value: trucks, EVs, minivan

2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

The Toyota Rav4 hybrid


Resale value: 50.1%
Type: Hybrid Car
Starting price: $29,075

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2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E


Resale value: 37.9%
Type: Electric Vehicle
Starting price: $43,895

2022 Tesla Model X

Resale value: 57.6%
Type: Electric Luxury Vehicle
Starting price: $104,990

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2022 Toyota Sienna

Resale value: 50.3%
Type: Minivan
Starting price: $34,710

2022 Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick


Resale value: 59.5%
Type: Compact Pickup Truck
Starting price: $19,995

2022 Toyota Tacoma

Resale value: 61.7%
Type: Midsize Pickup Truck
Starting price: $26,700

2022 Toyota Tundra

Resale value: 70.8%
Type: Full-Size Pickup Truck
Starting price: $35,950

2022 GMC Sierra HD

Resale value: 63.0%
Type: Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck
Starting price: $38,200

2022 best resale value: brands

Best brand: Toyota

Toyota takes the title for the fifth time in six years with five category wins.

Best luxury brand: Lexus

Lexus returns to the podium, earning this award for the seventh time.

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What is resale value?

At some point, you may want to sell your car. Resale value is the predicted market value of your car, truck, or SUV when it comes time to sell.

How does Kelley Blue Book determine which cars have the best resale value?

Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale value Awards are based on projections from the Kelley Blue Book Official Residual value Guide. Kelley Blue Book Residual values are established by experienced automotive analysts that review the output from statistical models built upon millions of transactions. Vehicles that earn the highest 5-year residual values, expressed as a percentage of their original Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail price, are selected for these prestigious awards. Low-volume vehicles are excluded from award consideration, except in the electric, luxury, and sports car categories.

Does resale value really matter?

Yes. Choosing the right model brings peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision. If a vehicle has a strong resale value, that ensures that it will be worth more when it comes time to trade. This is a great way to reduce your overall vehicle expenses, something we can all use in these uncertain times.

About the Best Resale Value Awards

Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Awards are annual recognitions that go to the brands and vehicles that do the best job in retaining value.

Kelley Blue Book’s stock-in-trade is vehicle valuation. We have 95 years of experience in determining what cars are worth. With a comprehensive data set that includes vehicle specifications, trims, sales volume, economic conditions, and auction results, Kelley Blue Book can predict and track vehicle depreciation. That information is free, and offering it on our site as a useful tool in helping you decide on the right vehicle to meet your pocketbook and transportation needs.

Our car values are also relied upon by dealers, lenders, and private parties when determining how much to take in trade, set lease rates, and purchase prices. Vehicles with the lowest depreciation rate as determined by our valuation team underpins the Best Resale value Awards. This recognition goes to the products and brands demonstrating the highest retained value during the first 60 months of ownership.

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