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Kelley Blue Book: People are flipping Corvettes for profit and Chevy wants to pay them to stop


Chevrolet will pay you up to $5,000 to keep your 2023 Corvette Z06 rather than flip it for a quick profit.

The incentive comes not as cash but as 500,000 points through its My Chevrolet Rewards program. But the points – a $5,000 value – can be used to make payments on the car.

The news came recently in an email to people who have expressed interest in the Z06. The headline on the email was the price – the Z06 will carry a sticker price of $105,000 plus a $1,395 delivery fee.

But alongside the list price came a note that buyers will receive the 500,000 points “when they retain ownership of their vehicle for 12 months after purchase.”

The move comes a year after GM

warned dealerships they risked losing the right to sell Corvettes if they applied hefty markups to them.

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The Corvette remains one of the most in-demand vehicles in America, with most selling through pre-orders and few sitting on dealership lots. Its Z06 high-performance edition, all new for 2023, is likely to be even harder to find.

That can tempt buyers to flip the vehicles for a quick profit. But automakers worry the elevated prices seen in flipping can give them a greedy reputation.

Last month, Ford

allowed dealers to restrict buyers from reselling their F-150 Lightning electric pickups for a year for the same reason.

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