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10 Free Stocks and the Best Investing Promotions Online


Check here for the latest investing promotions online and how to get free stocks for an instant return!

A bull stock market can give your portfolio a boost only to take it away when stocks crash. There’s one thing the bear market can’t take away though, free stocks!

Competition is so intense among investing apps and websites that most give away free stocks, cash and huge discounts to get you to open a new account. The idea is, they’ll make up for the freebies on trading commissions and other fees charged on the platform.

Here’s the kicker though, you don’t have to pay those fees or commissions! In fact, there’s nothing stopping you from signing up on the investing websites below to get your sign-up bonus and then not using the site. Most will require you to keep the account open for 30 days to keep your free stock but after that you can transfer it into your main investing app. Open new accounts on as many as you want, getting free stocks and cash on each!

Beyond getting free stuff, you might just find an investing platform you really like. Check out the free stock offers and other freebies below. I’ve used each of these to get everything from bonus cash to stocks and discounts. I still use many of them for research, investing and stock trading.

Free Stock Promotions

Most free stock promotions work on a random award basis. The investing app will promise a stock valued between $5 and $500 (or higher) and will have a pool of stocks within that range that are given away. Of course, the platform will be holding many more of the $5 stocks to give away than the $500 shares.

That means you’re more likely to get shares of stocks worth $5 or $10 but you do occasionally get a higher price stock. In fact, signing up for Robinhood, I got a $110 share of Microsoft. Even at $5 though…don’t forget, it’s FREE money. If you’re investing $100 in other stocks and get the $5 free stock, you’ve already made a 5% return instantly!


I’ve been using Webull for nearly two years and love the research I get and the stock simulator that allows me to test out strategies with paper money before investing my own money.

Webull is also the most generous app I’ve found in giving out bonuses for new accounts. The current program gives you up to three free stocks worth up to $9,000 when you start investing plus a $5 cryptocurrency bonus if you invest in cryptocurrency.

Webull Free Stock Promotion

Pros of the Webull investing platform

Paper-portfolio simulator to test out your investing strategies before you commit real moneyExtended hours trading before and after market trading and advanced technical charting to find every trading strategyQuotes for stocks in 90 countries and 100 global exchanges, open in a lot more places than just the US

Cons of the Webull investing platform

No retirement account optionsNo bond or options trading yet

For investors looking for faster action like trading and short-selling, Webull is definitely one you want to check out. I’m testing out a few strategies on the paper portfolio option and will be writing up a full review soon. Click through and get your free stock on Webull now!

M1 Finance

M1 Finance was one of the first free investing apps I used and love the auto-invest feature! It’s also the most popular platform on the blog among long-term investors. With M1 Finance, you can set up how much of your portfolio you want in each stock or fund and any new cash will be automatically deposited in exactly that way. It’s the ultimate for set-it and forget-it investing!

Set percentages of your money in each stock or fund and then rebalance with one click to get back on targetFractional share investing means you don’t need $2,000 to buy a share of Amazon…invest whatever you want and you’ll get that percentage of a shareTax-advantaged retirement accounts IRA and RothLow cost borrowing and cash saving rates for online banking

Right now, M1 is offering a cash bonus of up to $30 for new accounts. I will say, the platform changes the offer regularly so make sure you check to see what is offered when you click through but it’s a solid bonus for signing up.

Investing App Cash Bonus Offers

Besides my personal portfolio, I’m using M1 Finance for our Dividend Portfolio Challenge on Let’s Talk Money and it’s going a long way to produce market-beating returns. Click through and get your $30 sign-up bonus on M1 Finance!


I’ve had an account on ETrade longer than any other. In fact, I started investing in 1999 with a broker called Brown & Co. for its low-fee trades. The website was one of the first to go to $5 per stock trades when everyone else still charged $15 and more. That broker was eventually bought by ETrade and I’ve had the account ever since.

While it’s no longer the lowest-cost option for investing, I still keep the account open for the research. ETrade offers the best research and insight I’ve seen from an investing platform including analyst price targets and research from Morgan Stanley.

ETrade also offers one of the best sign-up bonuses for new accounts. Signup and the site will send you a $50 Amazon gift card. Besides the higher bonus than most investing apps, it’s cash money you can spend instantly. Click through to get your $50 bonus on ETrade!


Robinhood is where it all started for free investing. Before the upstart investing site, investors were more than happy paying $5 a trade and thought that was a great deal. So even though I’m not a fan of some other Robinhood policies or how they treated meme stock traders, I’ve got to credit the website for making it so all investing apps are now commission-free.

Robinhood also has one of the easiest platforms to use. In fact, some have accused it of making it too easy to buy and sell stocks. I don’t think that’s the case but it does feel a little more ‘game-like’ investing on Robinhood versus some of the other apps.

How Robinhood Free Stock Works

Robinhood was also one of the first to offer a free share of stock for signing up. They still offer the bonus and while most I’ve gotten were less than $3 a share, some like PlugPower boomed higher. Click through and get your free share of stock on Robinhood.

Free Cryptocurrency Promotions

Free bitcoin and crypto promotions are even better than the investing platforms. That’s because the fees for trading crypto are higher so the platforms like BlockFi and Coinbase think they can make up for those huge promotions. Keep the freebie but don’t trade your cryptocurrency. Hold on to it and that $250 worth of bitcoin could someday be worth $2,500 or more!


BlockFi is where I hold most of my cryptocurrency investments. I still hold an account on Coinbase because I can’t yet link my Iowa bank account directly to BlockFi but I’m told the option is on the way. Coinbase has been better at working with state regulators to get investors more access but BlockFi is by far the less expensive on fees.

The platform recently offered interest of up to 8% on your cryptocurrency but had to pause the program due to government regulations. I’ve talked to management and am told that they are working to get it approved so be watching for that.

BlockFi also rolled out the first Bitcoin rewards card last summer. I earn 1.5% cash back in bitcoin on all purchases plus bonuses of up to $600 during the first three months. Watch this review of the first bitcoin rewards card and see why I signed up!

BlockFi is offering up to $250 in cash bonus, paid in cryptocurrency, when you sign up. You’ll also be able to sign up for the bitcoin rewards card and get other special offers. Click through and get your cash back bonus on BlockFi!


I started investing in cryptocurrencies on Coinbase and still use the account to transfer from my bank. Fees are a little higher compared to BlockFi but the transfer process is quick and easy on Coinbase.

Coinbase is also better for learning about crypto and for other features. The company issued shares last year and is aggressively expanding into other products and features like NFTs. It’s a must-have account for new investors to learn how to invest in crypto and other digital assets.

Coinbase has some great free crypto bonus offers for different coins. Basically a lot of crypto tokens give the platform a certain amount to spread the word. These free tokens, Coinbase gives away for watching a quick tutorial on the crypto. I’ve made over $30 in these free coins and it’s taken me all of seven minutes total. Click through and earn free cryptocurrency on Coinbase!

Investing App Discounts and Free Stuff

Investors get excited about free…hell, I get excited about free, but there’s also some great discounts and coupon promotions you shouldn’t ignore.


I’ve been using the Stockcard platform for research and love the depth of information you get from the app. We’ve used the platform for our Bow Tie Nation portfolios over the last two years and it’s a great way to share what you’re buying and selling.

Use the promo code: bowtienation for an exclusive discount beyond the free trial!

Bow Tie Nation Portfolio Tracker!

I couldn’t find a portfolio tracker app I liked…so I created my own! This is the most inclusive portfolio tracker you’ll find with everything from goal planning to portfolio review and stock comparisons. I filmed a video to walk you through all the features so you get the most from the spreadsheet.

Know exactly how much you’ll need in retirementSee how much income your portfolio will provideTrack all your stocks and investments including current price and returnsReview your portfolio to see where the risk is in your investmentsCompare two stocks side-by-side to make sure you buy only the best!

Click through to get a community-only discount of 57% on the portfolio tracker!

Bow Tie Weekly – Free Weekly Stock Newsletter

Every week, I summarize all the most important stock news and market trends you need to know. You’ll get directly to your inbox, the stocks I’m watching and what to watch in the week ahead…all before the market opens on Monday. Sign up for FREE and get the Weekly Bow Tie!


All you in the community know I got started as a real estate analyst and property investing will always hold a special place in my portfolio. The problem for many investors is the high cost of buying property outright, into the hundreds of thousands for a down-payment.

But with investing sites like Fundrise, you get a more direct investment in real estate than you get with REITs or real estate stocks. Your Fundrise portfolio holds actual property investments and reports to investors regularly. I’ve made 13% a year on my Fundrise account and the dividends are a great income source.

Fundrise doesn’t offer a cash reward program but it’s free trial is one of the best offers I’ve seen from an investing app. You can try Fundrise for 90 days and if you don’t like it, they’ll refund your entire investment. It’s a money-back guarantee you just don’t see in investing. Try out Fundrise risk-free for 90 days!

Getting free stock and other investing app promotions won’t save you from bad investing decisions and mistakes like paying too much to invest. Take these free stock offers but be careful not to turn investing into a gamble by over-trading. Hold your stocks for the long-term and you’ll always make more money!

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